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    If you have applied to the Bachelor of Commerce, Direct Entry program at Ryerson for a September 2017 start date and are still completing courses over the summer at Seneca, please let us know by email or by visiting the Degree and Credit Transfer Office, Room D2000 inside Student Services at the Newnham Campus.


    The Degree and Credit Transfer Office will arrange to have your FINAL transcripts sent to Ryerson to ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines for submission. Please respond no later than Tuesday August 14th.

Degree and Credit Transfer Office

The Degree and Credit Transfer Office provides a number of services to help students to continue their education at Seneca or other institutions, including research and application assistance, information sessions, advisement appointments and on-campus events.

Symposium celebrates York-Seneca partnership, highlights student mobility and transfer

Held on April 6, the “Supporting Student Mobility & Transfer Symposium” aimed to foster a culture of transfer among student services personnel across Seneca and York University and provide an international perspective on student mobility and transfer. READ MORE


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The updated Degree Transfer Guide is here!
Check out our 2017 Degree Transfer Guide for updates and new pathways.


My Transfer Journey

Check out our student-bloggers’ posts about their transfer experience at the College.

Gillian photo
Gillian Sumi
General Arts and Science
Newnham Campus

Justin photo
Justin Robertson
Liberal Arts diploma
4th Semester Student
Seneca@York Campus

Calista photo
Calista Selvarajan
Business Administration – Human Resources
6th Semester Student
Newnham Campus


    Each Friday, we highlight an institution Seneca has transfer pathway agreements with. This week it’s Trent University!